What DID you expect?

What DID you expect?


So, Joshua, here we are again a few months after we last spoke.  Much has happened in Hong Kong since then.   I want to focus today on the security legislation for Hong Kong that China announced this week.What is your view of this?

Now Beijing has announced this law, it is time to fight back.  Even if I am arrested and imprisoned, I will fight and so will Hong Kong people.

But isn’t that what you have all been doing since last July?

Yes, we have been trying. But we now have the free world’s attention even more.

by Chi Lok TSANG
by Chi Lok TSANG

Has the West helped you so far?  

Of course!  The money we have received and the attention from other freedom-loving countries has helped us carry on the fight.

But isn’t this what China is objecting to?  Outside interference in Hong Kong?

Of course the Chinese don’t like it.  It shows them up for what they are – a dictatorship.  No free speech, no rule of law.  But we have our human rights!

Why do you think China has decided to do this now?

Because we have them scared!  Our protests have achieved their objective.  The free world is with us solidly.

China scared?  Are you sure?  It is a huge, rich and powerful country.  Why should it fear you?

Because China wants to trade with the world and be part of it.  It wants to show it is acting correctly.  

But surely many other countries have laws like this?  The USA for example, had a Sedition Law.  You could by jailed for 20 years if convicted.

Yes but that was repealed.  

Even so, as recently as 2010, a sedition case was brought before the US courts.  But let’s move on.  People say that one reason for this law is the damage and disruption you and the rioters have done to Hong Kong in the last nine months.

This is nonsense.  We have exerted our legal right to protest and have been met with police brutality.   Of course, emotions run high when you are faced with official violence.

But the rioters have damaged over 150 MTR stations and over 1250 shops.  They caused HK$ 40 million damage to Government buildings.  Hundreds of people have been injured.  They’ve torn up roads and paralysed transportation.  Surely that has nothing to do with police brutality?

by Leung Yattin
by Leung Yattin

We regret the damage, but it was necessary because otherwise nobody would listen to us.  The people of the USA are behind us in this.  We have their attention and support.

But, excuse me, is Hong Kong a territory of China or the USA?  If your protests were to happen in the USA and China supported them, how would the USA feel?

I am one of the facilitators to let the voices of Hong Kong people be heard in the international community.  All freedom loving people will support us.

Maybe – but even freedom-loving people might not like riots, damage and disruption to their lives.

So why did democratic parties do so well in the last elections?

Not liking the Establishment does not mean supporting violence.

Tell that to the Police!

But how can you succeed against China?  

Someone told me long ago the state would win. They’ve won since the handover in 1997 and especially in the last five years.  We have nothing to lose.  I expected something like this would happen.

And now it has.  Thank you Joshua.

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